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Appreciate All the Animals of Dallas

Animals may make for great companions at home, but not all of them are well-suited for apartment life. Rather than keeping a pet at our apartments in Dallas, TX, you can appreciate all the wild animals the city has instead. Various locations provide access to animals, so you can see them and spend time in their calming presence. 

Texas Discovery Gardens

The Texas Discovery Gardens offer general admission to see both the gardens and the creatures they keep. Butterflies are the main draw, but a snake sanctuary is also available. Snakes of Texas is a “must-see exhibit,” according to their website. 

Dallas Zoo

The zoo is, of course, one of the primary places people in Dallas go to spend time with wild animals. Boasting 106 acres, you have plenty of opportunities to explore. The Dallas Zoo is both the largest and oldest animal attraction in all of Texas. More than 200 animals call it home.  

Cedar Ridge Preserve

Once called the “Dallas Nature Center,” this nature reserve now goes by Cedar Ridge Preserve. Here, you’ll find a butterfly garden, miles upon miles of nature trails, plenty of insects and birds, and even some other wild animals. If you’re lucky, you might just see some native species while enjoying the trails. 

Old Fish Hatchery Nature Area

The Old Fish Hatchery Nature Area is another natural space you can explore and see animals. Beavers, birds, fish, and more are present. Enjoy the serenity of the area as you walk the trails and count how many creatures you discover. 

Don’t forget to stop in at Southfork Ranch as well when you want to see horses. You can appreciate all the animals in the city and then head home to The Christopher for some much-needed quiet time and relaxation. Contact us to learn more about our Dallas apartments and all they offer.

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