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Join a Water Aerobics Class in Dallas

Exercise isn’t always easy on the joints. When you’re looking to work out but need a more comfortable experience to do so, water aerobics comes in handy. You’ll get to work out your body well without hindering your joint health in the process. Our apartments in Dallas, TX reside close to numerous facilities with indoor swimming solutions offering water aerobics and other water fitness classes.

Bachman Indoor Pool

Bachman Indoor Pool boasts year-round aquatic recreation. Visit the pool during operating hours for a simple swim or join a water aerobics class to learn the best moves for keeping your body in shape. Numerous fitness classes make up the schedule at this location, ensuring every swimmer gets to accomplish their goals. Try shallow water aerobics, float mat fitness, the quick HIIT version, or try adapted aquatics if you live with a disability.  

Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center

The Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center vows to assist every member with improving their health. The space is currently undergoing renovations, but you’ll want to join as soon as it’s back up and running. This fitness center is one of the best in the city, with access to numerous amenities and programs. In a typical week, the center holds up to 30 aquatic classes and more than double that amount for other exercise opportunities. 

T. Boone Pickens YMCA

The YMCA is a popular fitness facility in Dallas. You’ll need to book your spot fast if you want to utilize the lap lane or independent water walking options. Pay close attention when you book. Many of the aqua fitness classes get held in neighboring towns. You may need to make the short drive to Plano’s facility or a bit longer excursion to Rockwall if you want to participate with a group.

After a good water workout, you’re still bound to feel sore. After your water aerobics class, visit a day spa in Dallas to get some relief. Then, head home to The Christopher for further relaxation. It boasts a great community in a sea of Dallas apartments. Contact us to learn more.

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