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Three Fascinating Displays by the Dallas Museum of Art

The Dallas Museum of Art is just a few blocks from The Christopher. If you like art, it might interest you that several of their exhibits and many lectures are available online as virtual exhibits, so you can check them out from our apartments in Dallas, TX. Their offerings include short ‘Break For Art’ videos that are around 10-15 minutes long. These videos allow you to experience art in just a few minutes. If you have more time, each of these ‘Break for Art’ pieces also has other supporting information, articles, or lectures to investigate further. 

The Ancient Fatimid Rock Crystal Ewer

The Ancient Fatimid Rock Crystal Ewer is a vessel carved out of a large piece of quartz crystal. The level of detail in the carvings is astounding. Gorgeous cheetahs and leaves adorn the front and sides of the vessel. The artistry is even more amazing when you consider that the vessel was made well before power tools, so everything had to be done by hand. This piece is one of only seven ancient ewers left in the world that are so magnificent and detailed. Enjoy their amazing history further with an hour-long lecture that discusses all seven of these ancient crystal ewers.

Van Gogh’s Sheaves of Wheat

Van Gogh’s Sheaves of Wheat is an interesting painting for a few reasons. Part of a series – Van Gogh’s final series – of paintings, it is very different from much of his other work. Jennifer Krogsdale, the Education Coordinator of The Dallas Museum of Art, discusses some of these differences in her 11-minute ‘Break For Art’ narration. If you crave more information about the series, you can also listen to Dr. Nicole R. Myers, Curator, discuss the painting further.

Senufo Helmet Mask

This tusked ritual mask is beautiful but terrifying. This mask was worn during rituals to convey strength and wisdom. The mask is made with a combination of animal tusks and horns, to represent the strongest and fiercest qualities of those animals. Listen to Sara Greenberg point out the different pieces of the mask and what they may represent. Then read about the Senufo Culture and watch a Senufo Poro Dance.

Besides these virtual exhibits, the Dallas Museum of Art has many ways to enjoy art online. Check it out and enjoy some delicious bubble tea while you’re browsing. If you’d like to learn more about The Christopher, contact us. Our leasing agents are happy to show you everything that our Dallas apartments have to offer.

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