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3 Vegan Takeout Joints Near Your Apartment in Dallas

When you think of Texan cuisine, your first thought probably isn’t vegan or vegetarian fare. Dallas, however, features a huge number of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants. No boring meat substitutes here: you can get Mexican, Vietnamese, and plenty more. Order takeout from any of these three exceptional vegan restaurants and eat it in your Dallas apartments at The Christopher at the Union.

Vegan Food House

This vegan takeout restaurant offers classic Southern dishes with a vegan twist. Vegan Food House takes online orders for vegan croques, gumbo, and barbeque, allowing you to schedule for pickup and ensure your food is fresh and hot. They also feature a full drinks menu with a variety of vegan cocktails. Vegan Food House is only an 11-minute drive from The Christopher.

El Palote Panaderia

If Tex Mex food is what you’re craving, try ordering a meal to-go from El Palote Panaderia. They feature a wide variety of vegan tacos, gorditas, and enchiladas. Their combination of imitation vegan meat and classic Mexican flavors is sure to satisfy you if you’re hoping for great Tex Mex cuisine. It’s located about 25 minutes from The Christopher.

Goji Cafe

A staple of the Dallas vegan food scene, Goji Cafe is primarily focused on Vietnamese vegan cuisine. Their chef specials feature local and seasonal produce along with their house-made noodles. They also have a small menu of American cuisine. They are located about 20 minutes from The Christopher.

No matter what you choose, you’re sure to find a vegan restaurant that sounds tasty to you. Choose one of these restaurants for your big night in, and then compliment that meal with a local craft beer. For more information on local Dallas attractions, check out our blog. If you’re ready to call our Dallas apartments your new home, contact us. today.

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