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The Gourmet Mac ‘n’ Cheese Dishes You’ve Been Waiting For

Mac and cheese is a phenomenal food, capable of taking many forms and incorporating a wide variety of mix-ins. Truly, it is a dish born to see incarnation after incarnation. Dallas boasts a dearth of restaurants serving up this comfort food staple. You could stick with classic renditions, but today we’re diving into some of our favorite unique and creative takes on macaroni and cheese available near our apartments in Dallas, TX

The Porch

Seven minutes away from our apartments in Dallas via US-75 sits the tantalizing eatery known as The Porch. Serving up a beautiful bowl of smoked ham mac and cheese casserole, a stunning dish if we ever saw one, they will certainly have you coming back for more. The combination of smoked ham in their indulgent array of cheeses is a true slice of heaven. With both curbside pickup and delivery options available, it would be a mistake not to order up some of their incredible mac!

The Capital Grille 

Bask in the glow of fine dining at The Capital Grille while you feast on sophisticated lobster mac and cheese. The decadence of lobster co-mingling with the richness of the cheese, pulled gracefully together by elegant noodles, has diners lifted to the heavens above. Not only does Capital Grille execute this macaroni and cheese concept with excellence worthy of historical notoriety, but it does so less than a mile from our Dallas apartments. With takeout as an option, stroll on down and furnish your taste buds with Capital Grille’s triumphant mac and cheese.

Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill

(Culinary) magic is real at Kenny’s; you can tell their food is spellbound to be delicious when, one forkful after another, you find yourself entranced. Their mac and cheese is no exception. The “adult mac and cheese” is a potent potion of smoked gouda, cure 81 ham, and white truffle oil that transforms the senses. A rare and wondrous combination, you would think it would be the limit of their macaroni magic. Not at Kenny’s! They also serve their very own lobster mac and cheese that features Parmesan breadcrumbs and Maine lobster.  Just thirteen minutes away from our apartments in Dallas, you must try a bowl of mac at Kenny’s!

Looking for another kind of cheese-laden experience? Check out some great queso in Dallas! If you’re looking for more information about our community at The Christopher, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Our leasing agents look forward to showing you all the amenities our apartments in Dallas have to offer.

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