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Try These Healthy Hotspots in Dallas

Oftentimes, trying to stay health-conscious is a hard thing to achieve on a regular basis. There are some great restaurants near The Christopher, however, that make eating right easy with delicious options that keep healthy food flavorful and fun. From quick on-the-go meals to leisurely dining, here are some of the best options near these apartments in Downtown Dallas:

HG Sply Co.

Making its home in the Lower Greenville area, HG Sply Co. has made its mark on the Dallas restaurant scene. Spacious and sleek, HG Sply Co. blends rustic and modern features to create a warm atmosphere which includes a large dining room, bar area, and even a rooftop patio. Focused on wholesome and creatively prepared options, the menu caters to a broad spectrum of diners with specialties such as Smoky Carrot Hummus, Grilled Chicken Chopped Salad, and Sauteed Snapper. 

Cosmic Cafe

Celebrating its hippie-vibe, Oak Lawn’s Cosmic Cafe is a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. Vibrant murals and unusual tchotchkes can be found throughout the colorful dining room. The vegetarian menu is as fun to explore as the surroundings with an Indian-inspired take on dishes like Paneer Pakora, Buddha’s Delight and Dharma Bell.


Part of a boutique chain of juice shops around Texas, JuiceLand has multiple locations in Dallas. With a mission to highlight a plant-based way of life, this eatery promotes healthy choices in a daily diet. In addition to its incredible selection of cold-pressed juice options, JuiceLand also offers items like the Vegan Taco Salad, the Frijole Roller Burrito and the House Made Falafel Wrap.

Offering the ultimate in urban living, The Christopher is conveniently located in Downtown Dallas with easy access to great restaurants like these. Please contact us to learn more about our stunning setting and to schedule a visit.

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