Man and woman browsing titles at an independent bookstore

The Best Independent Bookstores in Dallas

For those who prefer supporting local and independent stores for new reads, our community is located close to some of the best indie bookstores in Dallas. Learn more about Interabang Books and The Wild Detectives before dropping in to browse their selections. 

Interabang Books

On the scene since 2017, Interabang Books features 12,000+ titles available in standard as well as ebook and audiobook formats. With titles for both children and adults, you’re sure to find something for your reading list or as a great gift. For the true bookworms out there, Interabang offers their Signed First Edition Club with monthly new, signed hardcover editions. The store has an event space with frequent author readings and other scheduled events, which you can find on their calendar.

The Wild Detectives

Looking for enlightening and lively discussion, a variety of interesting and sought-after books, and a refreshing beer to boot? The Wild Detectives is just the place for it all. The spirit of this indie hotspot centers on conversation. As the founders present it:

It is all about conversations. Conversation and human interaction, those are the raw materials [of which] stories are made.

The Wild Detectives delivers a unique experience with each selection stemming from a member of the community. Therefore, you do not merely get a book. You become an active participant in the cycle of the community. The conversation and books are just the beginning. Poetry readings, wine tastings, backyard shows, and a DJ complete the ambiance of this indie gem. 

Whether you participate in the active reading communities or simply pick up something to read at home, you’ll love the proximity our community offers to these independent Dallas booksellers. Want more information on our wonderful community? Reach out and connect with our friendly leasing team today.

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