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The Best Board Games For A Two-Player Game Night

Board games are the perfect activity when you’re up for some healthy competition over a glass of wine. While many board games are designed for a group, there’s plenty of fun options to play when there’s only two of you. Check out 5 entertaining board games that two people can enjoy playing in your home at The Christopher.  

Twilight Struggle 

If you want a truly satisfying game night experience, Twilight Struggle offers three full hours of playing fun. This strategy-heavy game simulates all the twists and turns of the Cold War. It uses real historical themes to design an intriguing set of moves. Play as either the Soviet Union or the United States and launch a high-stakes pursuit of world domination. 


The ultimate board game for lovers of words, Scrabble is a classic that will challenge both your vocabulary and strategizing skills. Winning is all about being able to form high-scoring words using seven letter tiles on a crossword-style board. 


This strategic, tile-based game takes inspiration from the design of a beehive. Similar to a game of chess, Hive is all about competing to surround the other player’s all-powerful Queen Bee.  

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective 

This fun mystery game is a cooperative experience that puts both of you in the role of trusted consultants to the genius detective. Solve puzzling cases that take place in Victorian London by using a series of clues that have been buried throughout the game

Wit’s End

Tackle a challenging mix of trivia questions, riddles, and brain teasers. It has over 1600 questions. You’ll have to know about everything from pop culture to science to advance your piece across the Wit’s End board. 

These fun two-player board games are the perfect way to spend an entertaining evening at home. If you have any questions about living at the Christopher, contact us!

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