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Tea Shops Offering Pickup and Delivery Near Our Dallas Apartments

There are few drinks as versatile as tea. Whether you drink tea to energize your mornings, wind down at night, or simply enjoy its herbal taste, you’re sure to find what you need in Dallas. Here are some of the best tea shops in Dallas offering pickup or delivery so you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home at our Dallas apartments

The Cultured Cup

The Cultured Cup lives up to its name. Its selection is worldly and its staff cares about the specific needs of tea culture. They’ve been in business for 20 years. The owners’ knowledge about tea is informed by both personal travels across the globe and academic study, so you can trust their taste. On their menu, you’ll find a profusion of teas from throughout the Americas, Africa, and Indonesia. This might overwhelm newcomers to the tea world, but don’t worry, they’ve got a handy guide on their website. Or if you prefer chocolates and coffee, they sell those too. 


Its name a portmanteau of “tea sommelier,” Teasom was founded by two sisters with a passion for iced teas. While fruity iced varieties like hibiscus punch remain their specialty, they now offer hot teas that are just as delectable. Aside from their millennial-minimal aesthetic, what really sets them apart is their commitment to the environment. When you pick up your tea, don’t forget to add on a pack of glass or biodegradable straws and a reusable tumbler. 

T7 Tea

T7 Tea is committed to servicing the entire tea-drinking process. The largely Eastern variety of teas is noteworthy of course, but its hardware selection is what sets it apart. T7’s catalog contains tea holders, makers, whisks, cups, frothers, and more. Matcha lovers especially will enjoy this spot, as the matcha equipment by itself earns a dedicated section on the menu. For those who don’t just drink tea but live it, T7 can’t be skipped.

These tea shops in Dallas are sure to please anyone. Don’t end your mouth’s high-brow treatment at tea though; learn how to make the perfect cheeseboard too. For even more suggestions and lifestyle tips, check out our blog. If you’re interested in joining our community in Dallas, please contact us.

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