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Take a Seat at a Chef’s Table in Dallas

With the success of Food Network and popular cooking shows, diners have been getting a closer look at top chefs and their culinary chops. This trend has made its way into restaurants around the country as well, with more and more kitchens employing an open-concept design that gives guests an insider’s view into how their meal is crafted. Here are some restaurants in Dallas that give diners a front-row seat:

Tei Tei Robata Bar

For a taste of authentic Japanese cooking, diners need to look no further than Tei Tei Robata Bar. Located in the Lower Greenville neighborhood, Tei Tei Robata Bar describes its restaurant as a true “cultural experience.” One of the best ways to enjoy this experience is from the wrap-around counter in front of the kitchen. From this vantage point, customers can watch as the chefs create house specialties such as fresh octopus carpaccio, yuzu pepper cured pork jowl steak and icefish tempura.

Origin Kitchen + Bar

Making its home in the Uptown area, Origin Kitchen + Bar celebrates the art of seasonal fare. With a true “farm to table” philosophy, this stylish eatery uses contemporary finishes alongside its industrial-style setting. The open kitchen allows all guests to see the chefs at work, but the best spot is along the kitchen counter. Here, Origin Kitchen + Bar crafts New American cuisine including Cholula lime wings, Duroc pork tenderloin, and the grass-fed boneless short rib.

Knife Dallas

Dallas is known for its great steak houses including Lower Greenville’s Knife Dallas. Working closely with local Texas farmers, Knife Dallas is committed to offering the highest quality beef from area providers. A ten-person chef’s counter makes an ideal location to view all of the kitchen action as they prepare favorites such as lamb meatballs, a Texas wagyu skirt steak, and a mouthwatering pimento burger.

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