a couple in kayaks on a lake together | kayak in Dallas

How to Explore the Lakes Around Dallas by Kayak

There are many beautiful lakes to explore just minutes from our luxury apartments in downtown Dallas. Just a short drive away, you’ll find opportunities to rent kayaks and paddleboards and enjoy the area’s natural scenery. These are a few of the top companies that offer kayak and equipment rentals around Dallas: White Rock Paddle Co.  […]

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couple feeding ducks on a dock | duck ponds in Dallas

The Best Spots to Feed Ducks Around Dallas

If you grew up near a duck pond, you know there’s something soothing and fun about sitting next to the water and feeding bread to your aquatic feathered friends. Duck ponds are an essential early memory for many, and they are one of the things that make the DFW area so outstanding. If you’re looking […]

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young couple on horseback | horseback in Dallas

Tour Lake Grapevine on Horseback with Widowmaker Trail Rides in Dallas

There’s always that scene from a favorite romantic flick that leaves you dreaming of galloping side by side into the sunset with your best friend or better half.¬†Fortunately, you can relive those scenes and ride horseback along the shores of Lake Grapevine, which is not far away from our Dallas high-rise apartments.¬† Here are some […]

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