Old movie theater with signs

Enjoy a Movie at an Independent Theater

Did you know that Edward Muybridge created the first movie in 1872? He placed twelve cameras along a racetrack and captured the horses in quick sequence as they raced around the track. By 1905, five-cent theaters offered an easy way for the public to watch movies. While none of the theaters in Dallas are that […]

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Two people do yoga poses on mats in a studio.

Learn New Poses at Dallas’ Best Yoga Studios

Did you know that fifteen percent of Americans practice yoga? Nearly all yogis consider themselves to be beginner or intermediate level practitioners. If you would like to learn new poses, the best studios near our Victory Park apartments include: Pure Yoga Texas  Since 2003, Pure Yoga Texas has empowered people to improve their lives through […]

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The Dallas skyline of high-rise buildings at night

Explore Dallas – Bon Appétit’s 2019 Restaurant City of the Year!

Dallas was recently chosen as Bon Appétit‘s 2019 Restaurant City of the Year. This prestigious yearly award is given each fall to a city that stands out among the magazine’s editors as a place that provides the most innovative and high-quality cuisine at eateries around the city. There are many restaurants near The Christopher that have been singled […]

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