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Get Home Delivery Of Your Spicy Indian Favorites In Dallas

If you’re craving the lively and complex flavors of Indian cuisine, there’s nothing else that really satisfies. Luckily, these Indian favorites in Dallas offer home delivery to The Christopher. Check out three great local restaurants that are serving flavorful Indian dishes within 15 minutes of our Dallas apartments. 

Shivas Bar and Grill 

Enjoy authentically-prepared dishes that are about as spicy as you can handle, including a wide variety of vegetarian entrees. The signature flavors of both Northern and Southern India are represented on the Shivas Bar and Grill menu with popular curry sauces like vindaloo, korma, and butter masala. You can create your own curry dish by choosing from several proteins, like tilapia, chicken, or goat. There are also flavorful meats prepared in the traditional tandoori clay oven. Order home delivery from Shivas Bar and Grill with Postmates or GrubHub. 

8 Cloves

Chef Afifa Nayeb was inspired to create 8 Cloves by a passion for modernizing traditional Indian cuisine in her own delicious way. While the flavors on the menu are familiar, they can show up interesting new ways. Try the freshly-baked roti tacos with coconut curry shrimp. There are also classic dishes like lamb vindaloo, a spicy tomato gravy served with basmati rice. The breakfast menu is available all day and has standouts like custard french toast. Order your tasty Indian food from 8 Cloves using Uber Eats, GrubHub, or Favor. 

Roti Grill

Every dish at Roti Grill is a showcase for the rich flavors of Indian comfort foods. Enjoy fresh and filling aloo naan, which is bread stuffed with a well-seasoned mix of potatoes and peas, perfect for dipping into a cooling raita sauce. The entrees are highly customizable and you can choose between proteins like lamb or chicken to enjoy tandoori-style or with a curry sauce. Choose your spiciness level well because Roti Grill’s dishes can definitely pack a nice kick. You can also enjoy a thick and refreshing mango lassi with your meal. There are several delivery options for Roti Grill, including DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates. 

From home delivery of great Indian food to a fun drive-in movie experience, Dallas has many enjoyable amenities. Learn more about living at our Dallas apartments by contacting us

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