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Explore Dallas – Bon Appétit’s 2019 Restaurant City of the Year!

Dallas was recently chosen as Bon Appétit‘s 2019 Restaurant City of the Year. This prestigious yearly award is given each fall to a city that stands out among the magazine’s editors as a place that provides the most innovative and high-quality cuisine at eateries around the city. There are many restaurants near The Christopher that have been singled out by Bon Appétit. Here are a few within a short distance of these Downtown Dallas apartments to explore:

Petra and the Beast

Located in Old East Dallas, Petra and the Beast has received many accolades in recent months. Housed in a former gas station, the vibe is very casual and low key. While the interior may seem pared down, the food more than makes up for the standard-issue ambiance. The menu changes daily with the day’s offerings displayed on a chalkboard. The food covers everything from snacks to pasta dishes with innovative ingredients such as smoked pig ears and squash cappelletti. 

Khao Noodle Shop

Capturing the tastes of Laotian cuisine, Khao Noodle Shop is another East Dallas favorite. Open since 2018, this casual dining spot has made its mark on Dallas’ culinary landscape. With a focus on bold flavors, Khao Noodle Shop delivers small bites that can be shared tapas-style. The menu includes a variety of dishes such as the peanut-flavored Mee Katee, the lemongrass-infused Tripe Chicharrones, and the tangy Beef Skewers.

Ceviche Oyster Bar

Making its home in a restored car repair shop, Ceviche Oyster Bar has staked its claim as a go-to seafood joint in Dallas. This Bishop Arts eatery was crafted to resemble the famed fish restaurants found in Veracruz, Mexico. The straight-forward menu combines Southern and Veracruzan tastes with items such as Mexican Shrimp Tacos, Grilled Rainbow Trout, and Boiled Crawfish.

Luxurious and elegant, The Christopher offers easy access to great restaurants like these as well as everything else this vibrant city has to offer. Please contact us to learn more and to schedule a visit.

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