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Enjoy a Movie at an Independent Theater

Did you know that Edward Muybridge created the first movie in 1872? He placed twelve cameras along a racetrack and captured the horses in quick sequence as they raced around the track.

By 1905, five-cent theaters offered an easy way for the public to watch movies. While none of the theaters in Dallas are that old, there are several independent destinations near our Victory Park apartments that take visitors back to another time and place:

Texas Theatre

A local landmark since 1931, the Texas Theatre opened to much fanfare. The opulent design included fountains, chandeliers, and opera boxes in an auditorium featuring a full night sky on the ceiling. At one time, it was the country’s largest suburban theater, and the city’s first to offer air conditioning. A resident saved the theatre from demolition in 1996, and it earned a place on the National Register of Historic Places. Moviegoers can watch a show Thursday through Sunday, and the screens play classic movies, independent films, and, documentaries.

Village Theatre 

When Karl Hoblitzelle decided to build a luxury theater, Village was born. The year was 1934, and nine decades later, it continues to show the world’s most acclaimed films. Visitors find two auditoriums complete with retro decor and heavy oak doors. Movies play throughout the day, and guests can munch on buttery popcorn as they watch the latest Hollywood releases. 

Inwood Theatre 

Called a local treasure, Inwood originally opened in 1947. The theatre cost $200,000 to build, and the elegant setting featured stenciled glass panels, terrazzo marble, and, stainless steel. A fire devastated the building in 1980, and it reopened as a replica the following year. The builders constructed the third auditorium out of the old balcony, and Inwood became one of the city’s most popular gathering places. It’s Dallas’ home for independent film and foreign language cinema, while also serving the best popcorn in town. 

These are just a few of the theaters near our Dallas high rise apartments. To call our vibrant community home, please contact us to schedule a tour.

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