Drive-In near Dallas Offers A Memorable Experience

This beloved Dallas institution located only 12 minutes from The Christopher has been serving tasty burgers and cold beer since 1950. Keller’s Drive-in near Dallas still remains an incredibly popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Drive-in dining may seem like a throwback from the past, but Dallas residents definitely enjoy the convenience and fun of this unique burger spot. Check out why Keller’s Drive-In has been hopping for 70 years!

A Nostalgic and Comfortable Experience 

Drive-in dining remains incredibly easy and laid back. You simply pull in, park in any available spot, and wait for the friendly carhop servers to come by and take your order. The beauty of the drive-in is you can enjoy a delicious meal in the comfort of your car, while still having an experience that feels communal. Play any music you like and just relax in your own space. 

The Gold Standard In Old-Fashioned Burgers 

While the novelty of the drive-in experience is definitely fun, the main draw at Keller’s Drive-In is the amazing food that’s reasonably priced. The famously juicy burgers haven’t changed much over the decades and still feature a distinctive poppy seed bun. The most popular choice is still the #5, which is two patties, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and the special secret sauce. Along with several burger varieties, choose from hot dogs, sandwiches, fries, and tater tots. Also, don’t miss out on the thick and delicious milkshakes.

Order A Beer Too

If you’re raising an eyebrow at the idea of being served a beer in your car, there’s a reason that it’s perfectly legal. The restaurant received a liquor license such a long time ago that Texas laws were different. Order a nice, cold beer and the servers will bring it out on a special tray that they attach to your car. So go ahead and enjoy this quirk of Keller’s Drive-In! 

For delicious food and a unique experience, head over to Keller’s Drive-In for lunch, dinner, or even a late-night snack. Learn more about living in our Dallas apartments by contacting us

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