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Download a Great Brain-Training App

Many people find it easy to fall into the Netflix abyss when spending time at home. It is also important to take time to challenge the mind in between those binge-watching sessions. There are some incredible apps that can be downloaded that are not only fun, but they also sharpen thinking skills. Try a brain-training app from the comfort of The Christopher:


While some may feel silly even thinking about the idea of meditation, the Headspace app is worth a look. Mental health often falls by the wayside and Headspace is all about working toward mindfulness. Requiring just a few minutes each day, this app works toward lowering stress, improving focus, and may even help achieve better sleep patterns. With a series of daily guided prompts and meditations, users follow simple steps of breathing and focus skills through the use of meditation.


For those that wish they took more time to learn another language, Duolingo is the perfect app to download. One of the most popular apps today, Duolingo offers courses in almost 100 languages. This free app uses a gaming-style interface that makes learning fun while also teaching users how to speak, write, and read in a new language. 


Self-described as a “cognitive training tool”, Elevate launched in 2014. Chosen as the App of the Year that same year by Apple, Elevate helps to enrich the mind by increasing analytical skills. Personalized to meet each individual’s needs, users receive three customized challenges each day which is geared toward improving things such as reading, listening, and math. With continued use, this app is designed to not only give users a boost in confidence but also improve productivity.  

Whether you are indulging in a night of movie watching or using a fun brain-training app to sharpen your mind, The Christopher is the ideal setting to call home in Dallas. Please contact us to learn more about our unique urban setting and incredible amenities. 

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