A tray of brightly colored and decorated donuts in Dallas

Dallas Donuts With Delivery and Takeout Options

Donuts may be known as a staple of northern cities like New York, but that doesn’t mean Dallas can’t get in on the fun. Dallas is home to some of the most delicious and most interesting donuts in the country. Don’t wait to get your fix — here are some of the best donuts in Dallas that offer delivery and takeout right by our Dallas apartments.

Hypnotic Donuts

Hypnotic Donuts is Dallas’ first craft donut shop. This shop is home to some of Dallas’ zaniest and most famous flavors. Their menu is adorned with the catchy names of their delicious donuts. There’s the Peace’s Stachio which combines brown butter glaze and pistachios, and then there’s Jenny’s Evil Elvis that has peanut butter, banana, bacon, and honey. That’s just scratching the surface. Get a dozen delivered to sample the whole menu, then come back to grab a chicken biscuit for lunch.

The Salty Donut

As the name implies, The Salty Donut wants to do more than just max out on sweetness. While they definitely will satisfy your sweet tooth, the shop adds some more complexity to their flavors with added savoriness. Their brown butter donut, for example, is balanced beautifully with a sea salt topping. Other standouts include guava and cheese and their seasonal butterbeer. This family-owned business will keep your cravings in check.

Ferguson Donut Shop

The Ferguson Donut Shop is a more humble entry on this list. You won’t find a quirky menu like the downtown shops tend to have, but you’ll find classic donuts that have neared perfection. This is the place you want to go to get carefully executed versions of your nostalgic favorites. The team at Ferguson really goes the extra mile to make sure you are more than satisfied. That’s easy to see from their ornately decorated donuts for holidays and birthdays. 

After loading up on these donuts in Dallas, you’ll have the energy to run off the calories in one of these local virtual races. For more local suggestions and lifestyle tips, visit our blog. If you’d like to join our Dallas apartments at The Christopher, please contact us to schedule a virtual tour.

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