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Entertain and Socialize Your Pup at Doggy Daycare Centers Around Dallas

Being home alone for extended periods can leave dogs feeling lonely and anxious. Our canine friends evolved over millennia to depend on our company. But since we can’t always take our furry friends to work or on trips with us, doggy daycares emerged to keep our man’s best friend happy. These doggy daycare services promise to keep your pup entertained, happy, and socialized while you’re away. Consider utilizing one of these doggy daycare services near our Dallas, TX apartments.

Smart Dog Dallas

Help your dog learn good “dog manners” in a safe learning environment during playgroups at Smart Dog Dallas. Playgroups help dogs get their exercise and stimulate their minds. In order to provide a safe environment, all dogs must attend a complimentary day of doggy daycare, so the staff can observe behavior and temperament. Based on this assessment, Smart Dog will customize your dog’s day based on their needs. Smart Dog also offers a chauffeur service to pick up and drop off your dog. 

Barking Hound Village

Transformed from a local warehouse into the ultimate Texas luxury dog hotel, Barking Hound Village is your dog’s new home away from home. Offering daycare, boarding, and grooming, the staff at the Village like to say that your dog is only a guest once – after that, they’re part of the family! All dogs must first attend a trial day for the staff to evaluate your dog’s personality. That way, the staff can place your pup with similar dogs during playgroups. Owners are also welcome to bring their dog’s bed, treats, or toys to help them feel comfortable at the facility. 


Dogtopia is recognized as a Top Dog Facility. That means it boasts certified canine coaches, proactive playroom management by a canine behaviorist, an extensive evaluation process for each dog, and utilization of dog-safe cleaning products. Using these techniques allows Dogtopia to set the highest standards of safety in dog daycare. The staff considers many factors when assigning pooches to playgroups, matching them with dogs of similar size and temperament. Furthermore, the playroom is quite spacious, allowing your furry friend to enjoy a fun and safe socialization experience. 

If your dog still has some energy after a day at one of these doggy daycare facilities, try out a dog park here in Dallas. Contact us today to set up a tour of The Christopher and see all that Dallas, TX has to offer. 

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