tiger in grass at zoo near dallas apartment

Experiencing The Dallas Zoo From The Comfort Of Home

Founded in 1888, the Dallas Zoo serves as an incredible example of conservation, education, and protection for endangered species. Starting out humbly, with just two deer and two mountain lions, it’s exhibits now boast over 2000 different animals.  You can support this zoo and it’s mission from the comfort of your Dallas apartment. 

Virtual Visits

You can now visit and learn about your favorite animals without ever leaving your home. With 12 recent videos to choose from and more on the way, you have hours of streaming adventure at your fingertips. Interested in elephants? Check out the video dedicated to showing elephants drinking and bathing at their watering hole. Always loved lemurs? Daryl the ring-tailed lemur can be seen playing, hanging, and eating with his friends. You can even party with the penguins as you learn about their diet and natural habitat. 

Activity Sheets

Do you have children at home that miss their local zoo? Don’t fret! The zoo has put together a collection of different activity sheets to help children learn about their favorite animals while playing games and solving puzzles. These sheets can also correlate with the virtual visit videos discussed above, creating a fun way to further engage with the animals at home. With coloring sheets, crossword puzzles, connect the dots, and more, you really can’t go wrong. The best part? These sheets are free and easy to download. 

And More

The Dallas Zoo has put together fun extras if you’re still craving animal content. Their most active social media account, Instagram, features different animals on their story and timeline, as well as hosting talks with local zookeepers. Miscellaneous videos have also been filmed in order to further educate and entertain. Their birding series is especially interesting, which follows Zookeeper Ben, as he teaches you how to birdwatch and talks about what you might find in your own backyard. Pair this with a lesson on how to create a garden that attracts birds and bees, and really bring a slice of the zoo home. Overall, following the Dallas Zoo on social media and browsing their website is certainly worthwhile.

These are just a few of the fun ways you can interact with your local zoo online, without ever leaving your Dallas Apartment. Interested in learning more about this thriving community? Take a look at our blog. For more information or to schedule a tour of The Christopher apartments, contact us. We would love to welcome you home. 

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