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3 Dallas Plant Nurseries That Offer Online Shopping

Add some freshness and greenery to your space with a beautiful houseplant. Dallas plant nurseries near The Christopher have everything from elegant peace lilies to potted trees. Here are three great options for buying plants within 20 minutes of our Dallas apartments. 

Oasis Plant Shop

The plant lovers behind this popular local nursery have 12 years of experience in the industry. Oasis Plant Shop has an extensive collection of both low-maintenance plants and exotic tropicals. You can even make a special order if they don’t have quite what you’re looking for, and the store will check with local suppliers to find it for you. Oasis Plant Shop also offers potting soil, ceramic planters, and other accessories. Shop online for pickup at the store.  

Walton’s Lawn & Garden Center 

This family-owned nursery and garden center specializes in organic plants. Walton’s Lawn & Garden Center has been catering to “the most discriminating gardeners” in Dallas since 1986. Shop online for everything you need to help your houseplants flourish, including high-quality organic soil, pots, planters, and beautiful ceramic watering cans. You can also buy air plants, cacti, succulents, Japanese Juniper Bonsai trees, and much more. Order home delivery or make a pickup at the store.   

Sunshine Flowers & Greenhouse

This popular local florist also offers dozens of beautiful potted plants. Sunshine Flowers and Greenhouse has been family-owned and operated for 35 years. Pick up a regal orchid, a garden of succulents, or a towering ficus tree. The best-selling Sphere of Tranquility Terrarium has dramatic leafy plants and black river stones in a glass bubble bowl. You can shop online for home delivery. 

Local businesses near our apartments in Dallas offer anything from beautiful houseplants to home delivery of a great bottle of wine. You can learn much more about living at The Christopher by contacting us

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