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Small Ways to Help Dallas Nonprofits With a Big Impact

It’s our pleasure at The Christopher to offer luxurious apartments in Dallas, and there is always something to enjoy in our Texas town. As we all look for 2021 to be a brighter year, there are Dallas neighbors who may need a helping hand. When we rally together, every donation, no matter how much, will make a positive impact on Dallas nonprofits like these.

Where To Start in Dallas

There is nothing better than the feeling you will get when you can make a difference for another person. When we rally a few family and friends, we can put our efforts together to help others. If you think your small gift won’t make a difference, you will find just how valuable a small donation is to many charitable organizations. “Micro-donations, which are donations between $0.25 and $10,” are making a big difference. 

Help Stop Hunger

You can’t always spot hunger, but it exists all around us.” Crossroads Community Services can use help with donations of food and money to help distribute nutritional foods throughout Dallas County. There are many ways to help, and every bit of help will make a huge difference. 

Animals in Need

Sometimes struggling families face surrendering their beloved pet for a new home. For over four decades, our Humane Society of Dallas County continues to offer animals a chance of finding a loving home. There are several ways to help keep animals have a better life. 

Rallying Family and Friends for Fun and Giving

It’s no longer hard to connect virtually with family and friends, and there are many fun ideas you can do to gather a group to make a difference in Dallas. Many of these you can still do with social distance in mind as well!

Penny Drive with a Prize

Everyone has a jar to collect change, and everyone loves a bit of competition. If you challenge your peeps to save their pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters for a certain amount of time, a small prize for the most money will get the action going. No matter the amount, almost everyone loves a gift card. If you’re thinking about making your penny drive a monthly collection, having a virtual decorating jar party could be the kick-off you need to get the pennies rolling into the jars. 

Start a Give It Up Challenge

Many of us start each new year with resolutions to give up our bad habits. You can easily give up something you routinely purchase that you don’t need. Instead of buying coffee out every day, take one day to put that money aside for a great cause. It’s such a small way for you and your circle of family and friends to meet the challenge. 

No matter what you choose to do, every action counts when helping your community with these Dallas nonprofits. When you’re looking for an exceptional place to call home that will connect you with the Dallas Downtown, Uptown, and Victory Park neighborhoods, we welcome you to learn more about our Dallas apartments.

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