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Find a Gift for a Special Someone at These Dallas Jewelers

Whether you want to surprise a cherished loved one or you’re looking for the perfect ring for “the one,” jewelry is a great gift for many. Jewelry shopping, however, can be a bit of a hassle. Luckily, there are many high-quality Dallas jewelry stores in our area offering curbside pick-up and delivery to your Dallas apartments. 

Diamond Exchange Dallas

For classic designs with quality diamonds, Diamond Exchange is a great place to start. This company was founded by Roderick Watterson, a South-African-born diamond cutting expert who now conducts a team of experts ranging in 20 years of experience. 

You can browse their shop here. There are also regular sales on popular items. Diamond Exchange Dallas offers both curbside pick-up and delivery.


Bachendorf’s not only has a wide selection of diamond jewelry, but also pearls, colored gemstones, and even Rolex watches. With such a great selection, there’s something here for everyone.

Furthermore, this store is always looking out for ways to support the Dallas community through its Bachendorf’s Cares chapter. Shopping online is quick and easy, with shipping available after purchase. 

Avior Jewelry

Avior also has a bit of everything. Specialty sales and pricing varies, and so the store requests shoppers to contact them directly with inquiries. In addition, Avior offers appraisals and will purchase used fine jewelry. If you happen to have old pieces rarely worn, then you could potentially turn them into cash to put towards your next gift for someone else. Avior offers curbside pickup.

Finding the right gift doesn’t need to be complicated. Shop online and support Dallas jewelry stores from the comfort of your apartment! For more information on your future home with The Christopher, contact us today. If you’re still considering what to do for dinner, be sure to take a look at our suggestions of the best seafood for delivery in Dallas

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