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These Dallas City Tours Will Show You Around Town

There is no better way to learn about your city than taking a guided tour that highlights its history, people, and little hidden treasures. Here are just a few guided tour companies that you can check out near our Dallas luxury apartments.

In-City Wheels Dallas Tours

Explore Dallas on an electric bike or scooter with In-City Wheels Dallas Tours. Enjoy the city and all its beauty, including historical landmarks, incredible architecture, beautiful murals, and all those hidden, off-the-beaten-path parts. Whether you want to tour the city during the day or at night, they have a variety of options to keep you covered.

Dallas Segway Tours

Dallas Segway Tours offers a unique way to tour the city and explore all the sites. Glide through the streets of downtown Dallas as you learn about important events and architectural marvels from your expert tour guide. If you want to see the city in a different light, consider taking the Dallas Arts District and City Lights Tour. This tour showcases the Dallas Arts District, the largest arts district in the entire nation.

Dallas AD EX Tours

Dallas AD EX Tours offers a unique view of Dallas through walking tours that highlight historic neighborhoods and iconic architecture. The Arts District Tour showcases different building styles from the late 19th century to today. Additionally, the Main District Tour emphasizes the beauty and the ever-changing nature of this growing metropolis. Get a glimpse into the past with the West End District Tour, which shows what the city looked like in its earlier days.

After spending your day touring the city and enjoying the sights, stop at one of the many restaurants in Downtown Dallas and enjoy some of the best food the city offers. If you’re ready to call The Christopher home, please contact us today.

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