A clear glass with whiskey

Where to Enjoy Whiskey Tastings in Dallas

If you’re looking at¬†apartments in Downtown Dallas, and enjoy living in a neighborhood where there are lots of things to do, you’ve come to the right place. Perhaps you’re just getting to know the city. If so, get ready to be amazed at how many wonderful dining and entertainment options will be available to you […]

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red and green bocce balls in the grass

Play Bocce Ball at a Nearby Restaurant

Did you know that bocce ball traces back to ancient Egypt? Archaeologists discovered a tomb painting depicting two boys playing the game.¬†The sport later became popular around the world, and today there are 25 million enthusiasts across the United States. If you would like to play, visit one of these destinations near our Uptown Dallas […]

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Old movie theater with signs

Enjoy a Movie at an Independent Theater

Did you know that Edward Muybridge created the first movie in 1872? He placed twelve cameras along a racetrack and captured the horses in quick sequence as they raced around the track. By 1905, five-cent theaters offered an easy way for the public to watch movies. While none of the theaters in Dallas are that […]

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