a couple in kayaks on a lake together | kayak in Dallas

How to Explore the Lakes Around Dallas by Kayak

There are many beautiful lakes to explore just minutes from our luxury apartments in downtown Dallas. Just a short drive away, you’ll find opportunities to rent kayaks and paddleboards and enjoy the area’s natural scenery. These are a few of the top companies that offer kayak and equipment rentals around Dallas: White Rock Paddle Co.  […]

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view of audience on stage and out of focus with a guitar in the foreground | live music in Dallas, TX

Discover Dallas’ Live Music Scene at Intimate Venues Around Downtown

There’s always something exciting to do in Downtown Dallas on the weekends. If you like to spend your time enjoying music, then you’re in luck. From blues to jazz to local bands, you’ll find all sorts of live music venues around Dallas. Here are three upscale, live music venues to check out our near our […]

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person shaping a pot on a pottery wheel | art classes in Dallas

Take on Artistic Endeavors at Dallas Pottery Studios, Paint Classes, and More

Creating art can be a great stress reliever. It is, after all, a popular form of therapy. And don’t worry if you don’t know which practice to try because making mistakes is half the fun! Whether you’ve spent years honing your craft or just picked up a paintbrush yesterday, there’s an art class at a […]

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