Greyscale photo of woman pouring tea

Enjoy an Afternoon High Tea In Dallas

For a fancy treat that’s truly worth savoring, you can’t beat the tradition of afternoon high tea. Enjoy a delicious cup of quality tea alongside dainty pastries and tiny sandwiches. Perfect for celebrating a special occasion or just catching up with a friend, Dallas has several great spots where you can indulge in an old-fashioned […]

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balls of cookie dough at a shop near apartments in downtown Dallas.

The Dough Dough Serves Up Unique Scoops in Dallas

Isn’t the best part of baking cookies sneaking some bites of that coveted cookie dough? The Dough Dough has made our dreams come true by serving up scoops of edible cookie dough in their sweet shop located near our apartments in Downtown Dallas. THE FIRST OF ITS KIND The Dough Dough is the first bakery […]

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A plate of healthy food at a restaurant

Try These Healthy Hotspots in Dallas

Oftentimes, trying to stay health-conscious is a hard thing to achieve on a regular basis. There are some great restaurants near The Christopher, however, that make eating right easy with delicious options that keep healthy food flavorful and fun. From quick on-the-go meals to leisurely dining, here are some of the best options near these […]

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