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Where to Find Unforgettable Ethiopian Food Around Dallas

If you’re looking for the best Ethiopian cuisine near our Dallas apartments, then search no more. Or perhaps you’ve never dabbled in the rich spices and addictive injera that make Ethiopian food so unforgettable. No matter your reasons, we’re here to point you toward the best Ethiopian restaurants around downtown Dallas.

Yenat Guada Ethiopian Cuisine

Not only does Yenat Guada offer an authentic and convivial atmosphere, but they also pay special care and attention to your specific dietary needs. While this eatery is known for ribs and a wide selection of wines, the menu also boasts a tasty assortment of vegetarian dishes. No matter what you order, the food at Yenat Gauda is always bursting with flavor.

Arif Cafe

Known for its quick service and affordable options, fast-casual Arif Cafe offers wraps, paninis, and fresh juices. If you’ve been searching for a new lunch-break spot, then Arif Cafe could be just what you’re looking for.

Pro tip: If you’re feeding a family or a workgroup, the veggie combo is the way to go!

Lalibela Restaurant & Bar

With an all-day menu and easy online ordering, Lalibela Restaurant & Bar is a super accessible option for busy diners. You can access their menu online and peruse your options ahead of time.

A few Lalibela favorites:

  • Kitfo (Steak Tartar)
  • Misir Wat (Vegetarian)
  • Doro Wat Signature Dish (Chicken)

With both meat and veggie dishes available, no matter what you’re in the mood for, Lalibela has an option to suit your tastes. 

Sheba’s Ethiopian Kitchen

The only restaurant on this list to offer a breakfast menu, Sheba’s Ethiopian Kitchen is worth a visit. With signature Kitfo, Lamb Aletcha, and Doro Wot dishes available, Sheba’s is all about helping you discover and enjoy new flavors. 

From Ethiopian to barbecue, you’ll find the best restaurants in the city are found within striking distance of our apartments in downtown Dallas. If you’re short on time, then swing by a local drive-thru to enjoy good food fast. To learn more about enjoying the best of Dallas at The Christopher, please feel free to contact us.

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