couple feeding ducks on a dock | duck ponds in Dallas

The Best Spots to Feed Ducks Around Dallas

If you grew up near a duck pond, you know there’s something soothing and fun about sitting next to the water and feeding bread to your aquatic feathered friends. Duck ponds are an essential early memory for many, and they are one of the things that make the DFW area so outstanding. If you’re looking for a great place to feed ducks near our downtown Dallas apartments, head to these duck ponds:

Duck Pond Park

Duck Pond Park is located just north of the DFW airport. The pond itself is artificial and features two gorgeous fountains in the center. There is a tree-lined playground near the center and a relaxing path for those who want to walk around the park. You can even take and leave paper books at mini library. Of course, there are also tons of ducks to feed!

Cottonwood Park

Cottonwood Park is a wide area in the Hunt Branch of the Trinity River. Along these grassy shores, ducks and human families love to gather for playtime, barbecues, and relaxing on the grass. In addition to plenty of ducks and benches, Cottonwood Park also boasts a playground with swings, vast green spaces, a public pool, and event spaces for community happenings.

White Rock Lake Park

Closer to the center of the city, you’ll find White Rock Lake, the widest part of White Rock Creek. And boy, are there ducks! If you want a large shore to walk, many park locations to explore, and a few hundred ducks to meet along the way, White Rock Lake is your go-to location to see ducks in Dallas.

Ducks love Dallas, and our duck ponds are always populated because it never gets too cold. Even though some ducks migrate, many of our ducks stay year-round. After feeding the ducks, you can also check a local fishing spot in Dallas. Contact us today to learn about all the exciting attractions that await near our downtown Dallas apartments.

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