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Where to Try Axe Throwing in Dallas

Axe throwing is rapidly growing in popularity across the United States and throughout the world. Founded in 2017, The World Axe Throwing League represents the pinnacle of this extreme sport, with 19 countries participating in the league. Although axe throwing has become a serious sport for some, many enjoy it recreationally. If you’re interested, then stop by these great axe-throwing ranges close to our Dallas, TX apartments.

Lone Star Axe Throwing

Lone Star Axe Throwing promises to offer unlimited Texas-sized fun. In addition to axe throwing with experienced coaches, enjoy the 440 Rattler cocktail bar, a great menu of food, classic arcade games, and shuffleboard.

Bad Axe Throwing

Bad Axe is the world’s biggest urban axe-throwing club. Groups will have access to a dedicated axe-throwing coach to guide them through their first axe-throwing experience. For those interested in going regularly, consider joining the league. Leagues run in eight-week seasons with four matches per night. Participating in the league can help you track your improvement through local and global leaderboards. The champion is crowned at the end of the season during a double-elimination tournament.

Grab Your Axe

With the ‘personal axe-perts’ at Grab Your Axe, you’ll be an axe-throwing pro in no time. Some customers prefer throwing the ninja stars offered at Grab Your Axe instead of axes because they are less strain on the shoulders. Grab Your Axe has 12-foot lane dividers and utilizes Axcitement’s patent-pending no-bounce border system to ensure safety.

Since the axe-throwing area is located inside GatSplat Paintball, consider an outing that combines both sports. Shoot paint and throw axes for the ultimate stress-relief experience! If you’d like to check out Grab Your Axe before booking your reservation, stop by during weekend hours for a few free axe throws to see what it’s like.

If you enjoy axe-throwing, you may enjoy one of the many other recreational activities Dallas offers. Consider rock climbing, miniature golf, or joining an indoor soccer league.  Contact us today to set up a tour of The Christopher and make Dallas, TX your new home! 

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