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Check Out the Best Dive Bars Dallas Has to Offer

Dallas has a bustling, thriving food and drink scene, ranging from neighborhood joints to Michelin star dining rooms. But above all else, the city boasts some of Texas’s best dive bars. You’ll enjoy the laid-back atmosphere, cheap specialty drinks, and exclusive decor that make these dives special. Since there are so many to choose from, here are the best dive bars near our apartments in downtown Dallas:


If you enjoy a super retro vibe, then Cosmo’s is the place to be. Sitting on the border of Lakewood and East Dallas, Cosmo’s is just minutes from the famous Lakewood Landing. The dive bar is widely known for its ’60s-style chairs and dim lighting straight out of the ’70s and ’80s. The cocktail menu features colorful drinks (particularly vodka and rum-based concoctions) with trendy names like Irish Neckties and Chocolate ‘Tinis. If you’re hungry, then dig into the dive bar’s pizza or the Frito chili pie. They never disappoint. 

Lakewood Landing

The “Upscale Dive” sign outside Lakewood Landing summarizes the ironic atmosphere at this gritty dive bar northeast of downtown Dallas. Whether you are Gen X, a millennial, or a boomer, the Landing (as many locals call it) always offers a good time. Drinks at Lakewood Landing are cheap and best enjoyed on the patio, where you can mingle with other patrons. Chase those cheap shots with the flaming hot jalapeño poppers for an authentic experience.

Adair’s Saloon

Nestled between Deep Ellum and downtown, Adair’s Saloon sets the standard for Dallas dive bars. It draws a healthy crowd of regulars, locals, and tourists with live music, cheap beer, and classic cheeseburgers. If music and all-day happy hour aren’t enough to pique your interest, there’s also a pool table that’s free to use most nights. Don’t forget to leave your mark on the walls or tables. The bar provides markers, so patrons can enhance the aesthetic with graffiti of their own.

Dallas never disappoints when it comes to entertainment. These dive bars in Dallas will leave you with an unforgettable experience. When it comes to drinking, Dallas isn’t a one-note town. It’s also home to some fantastic tequila bars. Don’t hesitate to contact us at The Christopher if you’d like to know more about our community. Our leasing team will arrange a tour, so you can see the great things awaiting you in our luxury apartments in downtown Dallas. 

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