a group of friends cheering at a bowling alley | bowling alleys in Dallas

The Best Bowling Alleys For a Great Night Out in Dallas

Apart from improving your social life and being an easy game that every age group can enjoy, bowling also aids in weight loss and relieves stress. Playing the game with friends and family can improve your hand-eye coordination and also promotes a healthy heart. Next time you have a free afternoon or evening, grab a […]

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people lining up outside a natural history museum | museums in Dallas

Explore These Must-See Museums in Dallas

If you’re looking for a fun and educational way to spend a day near our apartments in Downtown Dallas, check out one of the city’s many museums. They’re a great way to explore art, culture, and all the things that make this city so great. Here are three museums in Dallas that you definitely won’t […]

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woman in sauna wearing a robe | saunas in Dallas

Rejuvenate at the Best Saunas in Dallas

Nothing relaxes your body and mind quite like a hot, steamy sauna. Sweat your troubles away with this healing experience. You can find an incredible variety of local spas and saunas in Dallas, each with its own distinct personality. We’re here to help you find the best options near our downtown Dallas apartments. 1. Glow […]

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